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Image of Signed Popsocket

Signed Popsocket

£9.99 — Sold out

Signed white popsocket

- One size fits all!

*Please allow up to 3-10 working days for your order to arrive* (UK)

If you fancy a signed personalised card with your package, just find one on the 'Products' page!

*To apply correctly - Peel the back label off & very firmly hold the pop socket down on the phone for a few minutes*

Let us know if we currently don't ship to you, because we will!


Image of Signed Popsocket
Image of Blue 'ELLO' Pop Socket Image of Blue 'ELLO' Pop Socket
Blue 'ELLO' Pop Socket
£9.99 — Sold out
Image of Black 'ELLO' Pop Socket Image of Black 'ELLO' Pop Socket
Black 'ELLO' Pop Socket
£9.99 — Sold out
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